• Aspen Mini Aqua Silent+ Slim Fit Air Conditioning Condensate Pump FP3326
Aspen Mini Aqua Blue Slimline Air Conditioning Condensate Pump FP3326.
Using the proven functionality of our other mini condensate pumps the NEW Mini Aqua is also incredibly slim in size. Measuring 28mm in height and 28mm in depth, it provides great installation flexibility in even the smallest of evaporators. The fully potted Aqua is designed to be installed either within the wall mounted evaporator or in the plastic conduit and will reliably pump condensation water from is reservoir up to a height of 8 metres.(Water flow rate: 14 l/h @ zero head). The Mini Aqua has been designed to give the installation flexibility, where the latest generation of A/C units is becoming even smaller. It is designed to be installed, within wall mounted evaporators in plastic conduit. By connecting the drain hose to the reservoir and placing the pump drive unit within the evaporator or conduit, condensate water is pumpable to a height of 8 metres.

Product Technical Details 
Pump rating: 230V AC, 16W, 1PH 50 Hz
Water flow rate: 12L/h at zero head;
Max. recommended head: 10m
3A volt-free alarm wires, N.C. contacts rated @ 5A inductive at 230V
Max water temperature: 40°C;
Class II appliance;
Fully potted;
Thermally protected
Dimensions: 28mm (h) x 165mm (w) x 28mm (d),
weight: 0.18 kg

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Aspen Mini Aqua Silent+ Slim Fit Air Conditioning Condensate Pump FP3326

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